Vee Vee and Streetcar proudly announce our collaborative celebration of local brewing and artistic endeavors, the Centre Street Consortium. The CSC will produce an ongoing series of beers featuring a different brewer and featured artist.

The inaugural release is 366, a lightly tart farmhouse ale brewed by Mystic with equinox hops (HBC-366), bringing aromas of citrus, papaya, apple, and pepper. The label features the photograph “cadillac & house” from artist Andrew M.K. Warren. This limited batch will be available exclusively on tap at Vee Vee, by the bottle at Streetcar, and at the Mystic tap room.

We will officially launch the release of 366  September 4, when both the brewer and the artist will stop by Streetcar during our normal tasting hours from 5-7 pm. The party will then continue at Vee Vee, where Danny will be offering a special taco to pair with the beer.

Best Wine Shop

This week, we were surprised by the honor of being named “Best Wine Shop” in Boston Magazine’s 41st annual Best of Boston issue!

THANK YOU DAVID. This award belongs exactly as much to me as it does to Dave. His idea of a good time these past couple of years is carrying boxes of beer and wine down the stairs, and then bringing them back up again. His personal investment in the shop is clear in the extent to which he is as picky as I am about what we should carry. Streetcar is as entertaining a place to shop and to work as it is in large part because Dave works here. And he does all this without getting paid!

Don’t worry, Dave will only be reading this to proof-read for errors, so his head is unlikely to increase in size.

photo (3)

Thank you. Thank you.

Streetcar turns two years old today. People often ask the question, “Are you going to open a second location?” Of course, it’s flattering to be asked, but the real answer might be surprising: we don’t really want to. Coming to work at 488 Centre Street, on the corner of Kingsboro Park, in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston, is a privilege and a pleasure. We’ve found a niche; or to put it another way, we’ve made a connection between what we want to do and what the community wants from us. We sincerely appreciate the support we are given from our immediate neighbors, our customers at large, and our fellow JP businesses. Why would we chose to spend half as much time in the place we really want to spend all of our time?

Of course, things could change at some point down the line, for any number of reasons. For now, we couldn’t be happier right here, and that is thanks to you. Thank you. Thank you.

Please let us show you our appreciation in the form of something tasty on Sunday, July 13, at our Second Anniversary Customer Appreciation Day.