Special Visitor: Jean-François Bourdy

Wine is able to encapsulate the moments of its growing season and harvest; and for those moments to be revealed to the one who opens the bottle and to those that drink its contents. The longer the span of time between broadcast and reception of this record of time, the more we feel its passage.

Jean-François Bourdy represents his family’s fifteen generations of contributions to the history of the Jura over the last half of a millennium. The Bourdy cellar still contains wines from the 18th Century, and has wines available for purchase from over a hundred years ago. This Friday, we have the incredible pleasure to host Jean-François Bourdy, as together we will sample a selection of the current releases, the formula for which hasn’t changed much since before the American Civil War. Already five years has passed since harvest, though history shows us that these are wines that may be enjoyed after we’ve all departed this world.

Maybe if we’re lucky, we’ll even open something a little older…

Please don’t miss out!

Friday, October 9, 5-7 pm
Jean-François Bourdy


We’re excited (and a bit nervous) to announce that our web store is up and running! We can now process payments on the web site for purchases to be picked up in the shop or delivered via FedEx anywhere in Massachusetts*. We’ve begun the process of uploading our wine selections, along with a smattering of cocktail ingredients (mixology), books, and merchandise. We’ve yet to include beer to this point, as we’re still a little uncomfortable with the idea of shipping beer. As it is a work in progress, we’d love it if you took the site for a spin and made any suggestions you can think of. Oh, and feel free to buy things, if you want!


*Non-potable items can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.

Kidneys and Wine, pt. 2

When last we spoke of our friend Peter Tryba, he was beginning his search for a kidney donor. That was May of 2014! Well, after a coupled of failed attempts and complications, Peter will finally receive his new kidney this week!

Sadly, his story doesn’t end there. The recovery process will put him out of work for around two months, the first of week of which he’ll be at the hospital. Our customers were extremely generous upon our first donation request and tasting event, from which we were proudly able to plunk down a good chunk of change toward this process. Unfortunately, the Trybas still need more help.

This Friday August 14, from 5-7 pm, we will once again pool our efforts and resources to help push the Peter Tryba Kidney Transplant Fund toward its much-needed financial goal. Joining us will be Arik from Charles River Wine Co., who will be sampling a killer lineup of mind-crushing wines. We will tally up the sales from the tasting and donate 20% of the total to the Tryba Fund. We will accept additional cash donations in the shop all week, or you can donate here right now.

Thank you in advance for your extraordinary generosity!