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Streetcar aims to remind people of the cultural and historical value of wine and beer.  Every bottle will be chosen not just for its flavor, but for its origin, its maker, its process, and its significance.  Streetcar hopes to enrich the lives of its customers by providing the opportunity to educate themselves and to explore the world through the lens of the ancient act of natural fermentation.

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  1. David Moir

    Hi Mike,

    Congratulations on “not to oppose” decision by the JPA last night. That’s a good step. You may have received a similar decision from the JPNC Public Safety Committee tonight, which would also be good for you and your business. You should understand, however, that Liquor Licensing Board’s written decision that is the main event. Having letter from the JPA and JPNC weighing in on your behalf gives them reasons to think having your Beer and Wine Store across the street from the school may not be bad, but they are not required to listen to or follow the JPA or JPNC, especially if a bunch of people were to show up at the hearing speaking against having a store such as yours in the location.

    As you have your website, you may want to use it to expand your effort to get the approval.
    1) You need the licensing board to determine “that the premises are not detrimental to the educational and spiritual activities of said school or church”. You may want to publicize on the website how your premises will not be detrimental: a) how the presentation of the store will be sophisticated and upscale, clearly not a distracting effort to get one and all to come get cheap booze or lead a sinful lifestyle. To show your creative ideas for decorating the storefront could be helpful
    b) explain how you won’t be selling the most inexpensive wines and beers that could attract loiterers, etc. which would be detrimental to learning across the street

    2) you should inform your interested viewers of the upcoming hearings, and invite them to attend or submit letters on behalf of your endeavor, especially letter explaining why the author believes that your establishment will be fine to be located across from any school including where their children could be going.
    The fact that the School has not come out one way or the other actually is not bad for you — they are being agnostic, and do not give the Board grounds to reject you. Instead, if you can get some parents writing in support, the Lic. Board could be impressed and give them a rational basis for their decision in your favor.

    Just some ideas for you here.

    David Moir
    617 522-8570