Building Update


The plywood is down, the windows are up, and we’re firing on all cylinders inside. In the next week or two, look for a paint job on the new stucco. We should have a rough inspection this week, after which we’ll start putting up walls. As my designer Christine put it, “It’s going to look like a real store soon!”

On the bureaucratic side, this week I’ll present our plans to the JPNC Zoning Committee. Later this month I’ll present to the Boston Licensing Authority. My Zoning Board of Appeals hearing is scheduled for early May. If everything goes well, we could open doors in June! If you’d like to show your support for Streetcar by attending any of the hearings I’ve just mentioned, shoot me an email


  1. Meg

    Nice to run into you today!! Can’t wait to see the shop open up! We’re wishing you luck from over here in Somerville.