G.D. Vajra


The Vaira family, under the leadership of Aldo and his son Giuseppe, produce a range of wines to rival any in Barolo. What most impresses us about the Vajra is how their wines become a reflection for the spirit of the family. Perhaps this is best expressed by Giuseppe’s sister Francesca, who described the moment when her father decided that rather than produce wines to impress, he’d make wines “to make people happy.” This seems to resonate with every wine they produce, from their basic Langhe Rosso to their most prestigious wines from Barolo.

The proper spelling of the family name is Vaira, but when the first set of labels arrived at the winery from the printer in the 1970’s with a “J”, Aldo and Milena didn’t have the money to do another set. From such humble origins, to the current construction of their new state-of-the-art facility, such a dizzying ascent would be difficult for most families to manage. More than anything, this is proof of their resolve to maintain grounded in their mission, which in simplest and purest terms, is to relay their love for the land of Barolo.

We are thrilled to host Francesca Vaira upon her visit to Boston on March 16, and hope you’ll join us from 5-7 pm for a taste of the outstanding current releases from G.D. Vajra.

Also, please enjoy a 10% discount on all wines from G.D. Vajra throughout the month of March.