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We never take for granted how lucky we are to be in Jamaica Plain. It was clear before we opened, and never clearer today, that there is no other place that would allow Streetcar to thrive in its mission to represent only the best beer and wine available. While we have proudly carried the Boston Magazine title of “Best of Boston” two of the last three years, it is far more gratifying that we’ve been able to continuously channel your support to a multitude of non-profit charitable organizations, some of which we’ve listed to the right. We hope you’ll help us celebrate by stopping by Saturday, July 1 for a taste of something nice, and either way, that you’ll choose to support one of these valuable organizations in any way you can. Thank you JP!

The Art Connection    •     BRAIN Arts    •     Brookline Teen Center

Cantata Singers     •     Curley K-8 School     •     Doctors for Global Health

Elizabeth Stone House     •     Girls Rock Campaign Boston     •     Haymarket People’s Fund

Health Care for All     •     Hyde Square Task Force     •     JP Manning School

Kadence Arts     •     KidsArts!     •     March for Babies

MIRA Coalition     •     Non-Event     •     Planned Parenthood

South Street Youth Center     •     Spontaneous Celebrations

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The last few years around this time, we’ve gotten used to answering the question, “Are you guys getting any KBS?” with a hopefully polite “No.” Well, for the first time, we actually got some! Now we have the unenviable task of doling it out, bottle by bottle. No matter how we went about it, we would be sure to disappoint some of you.

We have put some bottles on the shelf (limit one bottle per person, no holds). The rest will be distributed as part of the May edition of our Beer Pass program, as a reward to our current Pass-holders. If you aren’t currently receiving a monthly share of delicious beer carefully chosen by our staff, you still have plenty of time to sign up before the May pass goes out. Please stop by or call the shop to sign up today, or to ask for details.