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Putting on the finishing touches

This is it! The last week before Streetcar opens its doors! Contractors and subcontractors are each getting in the other’s way, installing shelves, moulding, sinks, lights, and every other conceivable thing. I’m doing my best to be helpful, all the while preparing the inventory and starting to put in the first orders with distributors. Very exciting, indeed!

Please stay tuned for details about soft and grand openings, as it will come down to the wire which day we’re able to open.

I need to express one special bit of gratitude to my father, who broke his back laying tile last week when he could have been enjoying the weather in Maine. Best Dad ever.

If you haven’t yet, stop by and have a peek! Changes are happening hour by hour.

Talk soon.

A Banner Weekend

Great news arrived late Friday afternoon as I was heading to the store to check on building progress. The City of Boston Licensing Board approved Streetcar’s license application, pending approval from the ABCC and Zoning.  With just about every other step along the way, I’ve felt the accompanying sense of accomplishment somewhat muted by anxious anticipation of the next step. With this weekend’s approval, I feel like I can breathe a little.

I’ve tried to thank everyone along the way who has helped get the wheels moving, and I still feel incredibly grateful and indebted to so many people. I won’t list everyone by name, but thanks again to everyone who signed petitions, wrote letters, attended meetings, offered advice, and provided spoken and unspoken support in many ways. Starting this business has required a critical mass beyond what I had imagined, and I feel fortunate to have a strong network of friends and supporters.


Look for some exciting new photos of the interior to be posted sometime in the next week!

Building Update


The plywood is down, the windows are up, and we’re firing on all cylinders inside. In the next week or two, look for a paint job on the new stucco. We should have a rough inspection this week, after which we’ll start putting up walls. As my designer Christine put it, “It’s going to look like a real store soon!”

On the bureaucratic side, this week I’ll present our plans to the JPNC Zoning Committee. Later this month I’ll present to the Boston Licensing Authority. My Zoning Board of Appeals hearing is scheduled for early May. If everything goes well, we could open doors in June! If you’d like to show your support for Streetcar by attending any of the hearings I’ve just mentioned, shoot me an email