Curley School Auction Case

IMG_2930Vino Bianco

1.) Giovanni Canello “Caneva da Nani” Vino Frizzante $18
Streetcar’s house Prosecco, Caneva da Nani is refermented in the bottle to achieve its gentle, frothy fizz, as opposed to the forced carbonation method which is used almost across the board for industrial Prosecco.

2.) 2010 Montenidoli “Vinbrusco” Toscana $15
From the medieval walled hill town of San Gimagnano in northern Tuscany, “Vinbrusco” is a blend of trebbiano and malvasia from Elisabetta Fagiuoli’s organically-farmed vineyards. Its hay/amber hue and more substantial texture is a result of a short maceration on the grapes’ skins, which is the way most white wine was made before the advances of modern winemaking.

3.) 2013 Francesco Cirelli Trebbiano D’Abruzzo $17
Cirelli is a relatively new, organic farm in the bucolic, hilly coastline of Abruzzo, where in addition to wine, they produce grains, olives, figs, and geese.

4.) 2010 Carfagna Altura Ansonaco dell’Isola del Giglio $18
Remember the cruise ship that crashed into an island off the Tuscan coast a couple years ago? That’s Giglio. Here’s a white made from organically farmed ansonaco (known as inzolia in Sicily) with no sulfur or any other additives.

5.) 2013 La Distesa “Terre Silvate” Marche Bianco $25
Remember this grape: verdicchio. While it hasn’t yet achieved the recognition it deserves, it may just be the most noble native white grape in all of Italy. This stunning example hails from Castelli di Jesi in the Ancona province of central Italy.

6.) 2012 G.D. Vajra Langhe Riesling $30
When Giuseppe Vajra surreptitiously planted riesling vines borrowed from Marcel Deiss in Alsace, his friends and family in Barolo must have thought he was nuts. His daring feat is justified by this wine’s standing as one of the great whites of Piedmont. Don’t worry — it’s dry.

IMG_2931Vino Rosso

1.) 2012 Cantine Politi “Case di Terra” Marche Rosso $14
The family name Politi has been found in documents dating back to the 13th century in the town of Loretello, not far from the Adriatic coast and the seaport town of Ancona. This pizza/pasta-friendly red is a blend of sangiovese, montepulciano, and syrah.

2.) 2012 San Fereolo Dogliani “Valdibà” $16
San Fereolo is the project of Nicoletta Bocca, who moved from Milan to Dogliani in southern Piedmont in 1992. Nicoletta farms according to biodynamic principles, and her fermentations are done with indigenous yeasts and little or no added sulfur. Dolcetto might only play a background role in the more prestigious villages of the Langhe, but here in Dogliani, it’s clear why it plays the lead.

3.) 2012 Selvapiana Chianti Rufina $18
This classic Chianti from the higher-elevation northeastern corner of Tuscany is an all-time store favorite.

4.) 2013 Bruna “Bansìgu” Colline Savonesi $23
Only 125 cases were produced of this charming blend of grenache, rossese, cinsault, and dolcetto from the hills above coastal Liguria. It makes the perfect excuse to try bagna càuda, if you’re not already familiar.

5.) 2006 La Stoppa “Macchiona” Emilia $35
Macchiona is a blend of La Stoppa’s top selection of 65-year-old vine barbera and bonarda. Following a 30 day maceration on the skins, using only indigenous yeasts, the Macchiona is aged for two years in large oak botti and an additional two years in bottle (unfiltered) before release.

6.) 2005 Vallana Gattinara $40
Recognized as one of the great wines of the northern hills of Piedmont, Vallana’s Gattinara is graceful and elegant enough to drink now, though it has a long, patience-rewarding life ahead of it.

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